Old West Cowboy Music Show
and Chuckwagon SupperDurango's favorite family entertainment since 1969


Group of 14 or more: Reservations
- Reservations can be made only by phone at 970-247-5753.
- A credit card, phone number, and email address are required to hold the reservation.
- The count and arrival time must be confirmed by phone at least a day before the performance.
- Seating will be pre-assigned according to when the reservation is made.
- Cancellation is available by phone up to one day before the performance without a charge.
- Groups arriving together in buses or vans will have reserved parking at the ticket booth.
- Bus drivers are counted in the reservation total but may qualify for complimentary tickets.

Group of 14 or more: Please pay with a single-payment:
- One person organizes the event by communicating with us and the parties in the group.
- One person handles making the reservation, the credit card guarantee, and the confirmation.
- One person visits the ticket booth, buys the tickets, and distributes the tickets to the group when they arrive.
- The organizer of a group paying with a single payment may earn a complementary Regular ticket.

Groups with guests arriving and paying separately that would like to be seated together under one reservation:
- Our seating policy is "first come - first serve" as guests arrive and buy tickets. Seating is assigned as tickets are purchased.
- The person making the reservation should organize the group as a single-pay group to assure being seated together.

Bus tours that require a contract
- Please contact Krystal at groups@bardchuckwagon.com