Old West Cowboy Music Show
and Chuckwagon SupperDurango's favorite family entertainment since 1969


Group of 14 or more
- Reservations can be made only by phone at 970-247-5753.
- A credit card, phone number, and email address are required to hold the reservation.
- The count and arrival time must be confirmed by phone the day before the performance.
- Seating will be pre-assigned across the middle sections according to when the reservation is made.
- Cancellation is available by phone up to one day before the performance without a charge.
- Groups arriving together in buses or vans will have reserved parking at the ticket booth.
- Bus drivers are counted in the reservation total but may qualify for complimentary tickets.

Single-Pay Group - 14 or more with a single-payment
- The organizer of a single-pay group of 20 or more may be able to earn a complementary ticket.
- One person organizes the event by communicating with us and the parties in the group.
- One person handles making the reservation, the credit card guarantee, and the confirmation.
- One person visits the ticket booth, buys the tickets, and distributes the tickets to the group when they arrive.
- Ticketing is much quicker and easier for the group when one person buys the tickets and distributes them
to the people in the group after they arrive. It avoids each party having to deal with the ticketing line.

Seperate Pay Group - 14 or more with combined parties arriving and paying separately
Several parties under one reservation requesting to sit together but arriving and paying separately are
complex at best since seating is normally "first come, first serve" as guests arrive.
- We strongly recommend that the person making the reservation organize the group as a single-pay group to
insure that the event runs smoothly and that everyone in your group sit together.

Bus tours that require a contract
- Please contact Krystal at groups@bardchuckwagon.com