Old West Cowboy Music Show
and Chuckwagon SupperCelebrating our 50th year
Durango's favorite family entertainment since 1969


Serving is organized and quick ...
Our servers place portions on your "tin" plate as quickly as you can walk through the serving line.
For a regular or child ticket, tell the server whether you want roast beef or chicken breast after your ticket is marked.
For a steak or combo ticket, show your ticket to the meat server.
* Steaks must be purchased in person at the ticket booth by 6:45.

Fun for the whole family. Alcoholic beverages are not served or allowed.

  • Regular Ticket offers a choice of sliced Roast Beef or Boneless Chicken Breast simmered in barbecue sauce
    This choice is made in the serving line.
  • Combo Ticket includes both Roast Beef and Chicken Breast
  • Steak Ticket entree is a 12oz flame broiled Rib Eye Steak cooked in the medium range

Served with potato, oven baked beans, homemade biscuits, chunky applesauce, old fashioned spice cake, Cowboy coffee or real lemonade

bar d chuckwagon
bar d chuckwagon
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